Cold Times/ Flower/ After this time/ Lovely Agent
  Private Dead Tape
Private Dead Tape
Not so sweet/ Depression/ Crapsong/ Life to waste
  Live Love Lost
Live Love Lost(2003)
Happy Lovesong/ Cut/ Something...
Complete Show - Waldbad 2003
... out of your broken heart
... out of your broken heart
Happy Lovesong/ Fly/ Resurrection/ Gone Gone Gone/ New Dream/
(take the) E-Major
Sound & Vision

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Your Blood
(Live 2014/ 6 Mb)

(Live 2007/ 5 Mb)

New Dream
(2005/ 1,79Mb)

(Live 2003/ 2,33Mb)

Not so sweet
(2001/ 1,85Mb)

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Happy Lovesong
(live 2003/ 7,6Mb)